Cost Of Hardwood Flooring In Baltimore

cost of hardwood flooring

A new floor can breathe fresh life into your home living spaces and a hardwood floor is the most. Before starting the project, though, you will naturally want to know the cost of hardwood flooring in Baltimore. While taking the DIY approach can remove the labor costs, it is a false economy when you factor in the material costs, the time needed to complete the hardwood flooring installation, and the equipment needed. A professional service is almost always the best choice for your budget as well as your sanity.


Here at Matt’s Professional Flooring, we pride ourselves on delivering a service underpinned by the highest standards at every stage. From consultation to completion, we have your best interests in mind. We can discuss details and provide a free estimate, but understanding the cost of hardwood flooring in Baltimore will help you make an informed decision.

The Average Cost Of Hardwood Flooring In Baltimore

No two homes are the same, and every hardwood flooring project is influenced by a range of factors. The size of the room, the type of hardwood selected, and the choice of baseboard installation are just some of the factors that can alter the project cost.


However, experts at Manta state that the cost of hardwood flooring in Baltimore County is between $9,630.00 and $11,954.00. This is an average for all relevant flooring installations. Other key issues to consider include;


  • Material costs are usually between $8 and $9 per ft2.
  • The estimates do not account for general contractor fees, which stand at around $1,500.
  • Hardwood flooring installations can cover an entire floor rather than just a single room.


In many cases where existing hardwood flooring is in place, a refinishing and repair service may be possible to provide a more affordable but equally amazing transformation. Either way, hardwood floors can give your home an added layer of elegance and luxury. They are a brilliant investment for the home, especially as they can offer a lifetime of service.

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Quality Hardwood Flooring In Baltimore

While hardwood flooring makes an amazing addition to the home, it still signals a significant outlay. So, you need to have 100% confidence in your decision. Here at Matt’s Professional Flooring, we don’t just understand flooring. We also understand you.


Whether you have a clear vision of what you want from your hardwood flooring or require some help through the process, our friendly experts are here to help. Our comprehensive Baltimore hardwood flooring installation services will allow you to;


  • Select from an extensive range of hardwood flooring styles and finishes, as well as baseboard designs,
  • Secure a fast, affordable, and highly professional installation that removes any threat of scuffs and damages to the hardwood flooring,
  • Gain peace of mind from knowing that the hardwood flooring installation is completed correctly, thus avoiding creaking or other frustrating issues.


Better still, choosing a local hardwood flooring specialist in Baltimore translates to significant cost savings. The financial factor is just one of many reasons why homeowners throughout Charm City love our services. But don’t take our word for it, check out what customers like you have to say!


BEST EXPERIENCE EVER! I’ve already sent 3 referrals to Matt, this guy is the hardest worker for his clients in all angles. I could not have had a better experience, he’s a great guy, and I recommend him to anyone. Matt’s DEFINITELY my flooring guy for all my future rental properties. The last person who came out ruined the floors I thought… then Matt came along and ensured he could fix them. HE DID! They look better than brand new floors if that’s even possible. Thank you Matt!! ❤️

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