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When done right, new flooring installations can breathe new life into a living space and transform the entire home with truly stunning results. However, you must never overlook the role that a professional baseboard installation Baltimore service plays in the process of adding a new floor to the home. Baseboards are an integral feature that helps complete the desired aesthetic, function, and safety of a new hardwood flooring installation in Baltimore and beyond. 


Matt’s Professional Flooring experts can provide a fully tailored service that focuses either solely on baseboards or extends to the entire flooring solution. When looking for a baseboard installation in Baltimore, we guarantee a fast, affordable, and highly convenient service. 

Why Choose A Professional Baseboard Installation Baltimore?

Baseboard installation is often something of an afterthought for most homeowners. Whether taking the DIY approach or arranging a professional floor installation, however, it’s likely that the baseboards will need to be replaced – or at least temporarily removed and reinstalled. 


There are many instances where you may need to reposition the baseboard, such as when you move from a thicker floor (carpet) to a thinner floor (hardwood). Alternatively, you may want a new baseboard to match a room’s revamped interior design. The incentives for choosing a professional baseboard installation in Baltimore include;


  • Save time as baseboard installations can be surprisingly time-consuming for an inexperienced person,
  • Avoid the threat of making mistakes that are notoriously difficult to fix at a later date without starting again,
  • Ensure that no damage is made to the hardwood floors in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom spaces.


Matt’s Professional Flooring can also complete a baseboard installation that takes in intricate or testing design features, such as alcoves or diagonal walls. Check out the photo gallery below to see what we can do for you!

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A Tailored Approach To Baseboard Installation In Baltimore

A professional baseboard installation will ensure that the bottom of the baseboard sits flush and level with the flooring underneath. This keeps your hardwood in place while simultaneously covering the gap between the edge of your flooring and the wall itself.


At Matt’s Professional Flooring, we pride ourselves on working with an extensive range of baseboard materials and profiles. When combined with our transparent communication at every stage of the process, you are guaranteed to retain full control over the final aesthetic. The most common styles are;


  • Flat baseboards that are perfectly suited for minimalist homes and simple sophistication. The basic MDF style is affordable and versatile for any room.
  • Profiled baseboards that feature a ‘cut’ and a rounded top. This creates clean lines but a more eye-catching design. The style can also be used for staircases.
  • Jointed baseboards, which add a profiled top to a flat baseboard. They are typically taller and make a big statement due to their intriguing and complex design.


Whatever style is selected, a professional baseboard installation in Baltimore allows you to find the right color, height, and design. Better still, the baseboards will be measured, cut, and positioned with incredible accuracy, adding the finishing touches to a floor that makes you proud.

How Does a Hardwood Floor Repair Work?

When it comes to top-quality baseboard installation in Baltimore, Matt’s Professional Flooring is the ultimate choice. Our skilled craftsmen, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction have made us the go-to company for homeowners seeking to elevate their interiors with flawless baseboards. Don’t compromise on style and durability; trust the experts at Matt’s Professional Flooring for your baseboard installation needs.

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